Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Au revoir Amérique!

Leaving for Quebec from Reagan National Airport! (originally Dulles-Dad, you are a life saver!)

Sunday the 13th of January-Well the commencement of this Global Francophone journey wasn't quite as planned, but amazingly ended up perfectly thanks to a well organized father and an early start. My mom woke me up just as my alarm was supposed to go off around 6 am. She looked very flustered and explained that my flight had been cancelled due to fog and my dad was on the phone with the airline desperately trying to tell them that, no his daughter could not take the next flight to Newark flying out on Tuesday! So I hopped out of bed and hurriedly got dressed and packed my two large suitcases into the car. Amazingly he found a way to get me on an 8:46 am flight to Newark (around the same time as the original) from Reagan National which would allow me to make my connection in Newark to Quebec. So off we went and made it to the airport with enough time to have a nice breakfast together!  
The goodbye
Other than the adrenaline pumping start to the day, the rest of the journey went calmly and smoothly and I arrived safe and sound in Quebec. I successfully found Le Petit Seminaire (the prep school where our French classes are held) where we met our professors and host families. After meeting everyone, we parted ways with our respective host families and went to a much needed dinner and rest from the long day of travel.

The house I am staying in (the first floor-kitchen, living room and their bedrooms and a basement-our rooms)

I am staying with Michele and Michael, and her son Sebastian. Anna (another student in the program) is living with me in the same household which is really nice because it gives me a little bit of a safety net for the first few days of this semester. They have two sweet grey tabby cats Charlotte and Mini Fait (sp?). Michelle and Michael had an excellent meal waiting for us once we arrived at their home of a homemade chicken pot pie accompanied by a pureed vegetable soup and a dessert of sorbet, all excellent! 

Phew, first entry's almost Thursday of the first week already, woah! But also only the end of the third day of this wonderful long adventure, tons more to come! 

Bonne nuit! 


  1. Ah, a home cooked meal, cozy cats, and a family with open arms. Such a nice start to an amazing adventure. Xoxoxo M&D

  2. Great post and photos, Gill! Thank you.
    When I was 25 I bicycled solo around Rouen on my trip from Paris to Normandy to Bordeaux to Biarritz to Madrid. The town looks bigger than when I passed through. George T in Vermont at: